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Close-Up Strolling Magic

Magician Jim Lenz
Green Bay, WI USA
JAW-DROPPING Performances
Watch as these two beach goers are reacting to the close-up magic of Jim Lenz The Magic and Science Guy

Why Choose Jim Lenz's Close-Up Strolling Magic Services?

Jim Lenz's close-up strolling magic is an entirely unique form of magic entertainment that happens mere inches from the spectators, leaving positive lasting impressions on your guests.  Jim casually mingles from group to group introducing himself as a guest magician performing a series of magical effects while working his way throughout your entire venue.

Jim Lenz The Magic and Science Guy will wow your audience with close-up strolling magic

Reason #1

Your event has a lot of moving parts and covers a large area. You're looking for a way to deliver entertainment throughout the venue.  Magician Jim Lenz creates a series of special moments with a large group of guests. Many entertainment and event planners hire Jim Lenz to perform close-up strolling magic either prior to or just after his magic show. However, it is also common for a client to hire Jim to perform jaw-dropping close-up strolling magic as its own entity.

Jim Lenz The Magic and Science Guy  delivers a one-of-a-king entertainment experience

Reason #2

You truly want to deliver an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experience for your guests. You're looking for an entertainer that has the ability to casually mingle with your guests while delivering a series of mind-blowing mini-magic shows. This image shows Jim Lenz performing for Deanna Favre and family, an American author and founder and CEO of the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation, now Favre4Hope. Deanna is also the wife of Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers legend and Superbowl Bowl Champ.

Jim Lenz The Magic and Science Guy generates laughter and smiles during his close-up strolling magic routines

Reason #3

You know that laughter is the best medicine, and you want to have confidence in an entertainer that can support that notion. Laughter is known to enhance your intake of oxygen-rich air, to stimulate your heart, lungs and muscles, and increase the endorphins that are released by your brain. The shared laughter that your guests generate from the unique experiences delivered by Jim Lenz will also accelerate a feeling of closeness and trust, resulting in a special bond developed amongst your guests.

Be confident in selecting Jim Lenz as your entertainer. This Green Bay magician and funny man has performed close-up strolling magic to well over 100,000 people in a variety of settings and to a variety of ages.

Choose Jim Lenz The Magic and Science Guy as your next entertainer.
CAPTURED VIDEO of magician Jim Lenz performing close-up strolling magic. This is just one of hundreds of routines he can deliver to your audience. 
How do you feel after watching this video?
Are you beginning to visualize the fun he could add to your event?
Magic and Science guy Fullshot shirt outdoors.jpg

You may be wondering,
"What types of magic effects does Jim Lenz perform during his closeup strolling magic routines? How would you describe his routines?"

Jim Lenz's close-up strolling magic performances almost always invoke a state of disbelief and involve the element of suprise.


His practice of conjuring is largely comprised of sleight of hand. Jim Lenz's sleight of hand involves using precise movements of his hands and fingers, even eye movements, to control, conceal, or reveal objects, often in a way that deceives the audience into believing that an object has disappeared or appeared out of thin air. Jim Lenz has dedicated 20+ years mastering the techniques involved.


When combined with the art of storytelling, applied physics, psychology, technologies, props, and quick one-liners, his original and highly interactive close-up routines are sure to generate jaw-dropping expressions and a sense of delight within your guests.

Jim Lenz is a master of NOT misdirection, but rather the art and science of directing one's attention. Using everyday objects, and even some unusual ones, Jim Lenz will be sure to mystify you. You'll be glad you selected Jim Lenz as your entertainer.

WFRV Live TV.jpg

You may be wondering, "What types of events does Jim Lenz perform close-up strolling magic for?"

Fairs. Festivals. Family Reunions. Block/Neighborhood Parties.

Corporate Events. Weddings. Educational/School Events.

Private Parties. Holiday Parties. Restaurants and Bars.

Company Picnics. Fundraising and Charity Events.

Athletic/Sporting Events and Celebrations.

Grand Openings. Anniverary Parties.

Post Prom Parties. Graduation Parties. Birthday Parties.

Trade Shows/Exhibitions. Casinos. Cruise Ships.

Homecomings. Conventions and Conferences.

Resorts. Recognition Banquets. Television Commercials.

Comedy Clubs. Custom Events.

And here's some VIDEO CAPTURED of magician, Jim Lenz, having some fun with a television news reporter during a live interview. 

This wonderful reporter had no advanced warning that this magician would pull out a RACCOON during the interview (or any live animal for that matter). Beautiful big laugh! She handled it great on live TV.
Just having a little fun!  
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