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Based out of Green Bay, WI USA

In JIM LENZ'S COMEDY MAGIC SHOW expect lots of laughs and gasps of amazement. Jim utilizes sleight of hand, props, psychology, mind reading, science and technology, jokes and one-liners to perform one of the more unusual and entertaining shows you will experience! This show is a more formal type of show involving a seated audience. Instead of a silent act, the show often requires the assistance of members of the audience.
Your guests will experience the art of the impossible together... which in turn creates a special set of group dynamics that only this magical experience can deliver. Minimum performance area required is 7 feet x 7 feet.

Grand Illusion Show

Are you ready to see a Las Vegas Style-Show? Get ready for the REALLY BIG, knock-your-socks-off magic! The Grand Illusion and Comedy Show takes the "Comedy Magic Show" to the next level of disbelief. Jim and his female assistant(s) are set to make your jaws drop, make you laugh, and be a kid again!

JIM LENZ'S Grand Illusion Show delivers an amazing, fun-filled, and highly entertaining show packed with audience participation. The show will feature between one and three magician assistants involved in large scale illusions that will entertain audiences of all ages! It is a fast-paced show that features music, comedy, and mystery! Good Clean Fun!
The Magic and Science Guy has the ability to customize the length of this show to meet client needs. However, the most common client requested length is 60 minutes. The minimum required performance area is 20' x 15'. An elevated platform is desired, but certainly not required. Professional backdrop and sound system can be included in the set-up. 
Close-Up Strolling Magic is sure to be a hit!​​

If you are looking to provide entertainment to a wide array of guests during a non-structured time, close-up strolling magic is a sure fire hit! Jim Lenz is a highly skilled entertainer who has over 18 years of experience in the art and science of close-up magic. Jim will casually mingle from group to group introducing himself as a guest magician and entertainer.


The strolling close-up magic is an entirely unique form of magic entertainment that happens mere inches from the spectators, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Jim Lenz can provide amazing close-up entertainment throughout your entire venue. The magic will knock your socks off! Wait till you see everyone's reactions! Past clients are quite familiar with the immediate laughs and looks of amazement by their guests. The Magic and Science Guy truly knows how to generate a fun atmosphere that will quickly bring that magical spirit back to life. It is an invigorating feeling! Strolling magic is often a great choice of entertainment by itself, but clients often book strolling magic in conjunction with a show.






Some clients include:

Green Bay Packers

Online Magic Classes

Begin Learning How To Perform Magic Now!

Your instructor, Jim Lenz - The Magic and Science Guy, has been recognized by his students and business leaders as a Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction. He will lead you through your journey to become a highly effective magician. All classes are available 24/7.

Invest in Your Client

One of the most popular entertainment choices for almost any occasion is magical entertainment. Treat your guests to the talent and experience of a truly dedicated performance artist.

Choose Jim Lenz, The Magic and Science Guy!

Birthday Parties

Birthday party planning can sometimes be stressful. Let the Magic and Science Guy help to make planning of the party worry-free and fun!

The Magic and Science Guy offers 5 different birthday party packages. To find out more information, contact the Magic and Science Guy now!

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