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Jim Lenz The Magic and Science Guy Headquarters for entertainment in Green Bay, Appleton and northeast Wisconsin.

Jim Lenz The Magic and Science Guy

Welcome to the captivating world of Magic and Science Guy, where curiosity meets enchantment and wonder knows no bounds. Prepare to be spellbound by Jim Lenz's mesmerizing magic shows, where reality fades away, and you're transported into a realm of mystery and excitement. Explore the wonders of the natural world through our exhilarating science shows, where scientific principles come alive in thrilling and unexpected ways, igniting a newfound appreciation for the universe's beauty. Elevate your events with our wide selection of thrilling game rentals, offering over 35 indoor and outdoor games guaranteed to add excitement to any occasion. Experience the magic up close with Jim Lenz's close-up strolling magic, where incredible feats of illusion and deception unfold inches from your eyes, leaving you awestruck. Dive deeper into the realm of science with our hands-on workshops, inspiring creativity, and innovation as you explore complex concepts in a fun and practical way. Seeking an interactive keynote that inspires and engages? Choose Jim Lenz to deliver a truly unique learning experience, tailored for business leaders, teachers, and students alike. Ready to unlock the secrets of magic? Enroll in our online magic course and learn the art of captivating performances from the comfort of your home. Need a voiceover artist or podcast consultant? Let Jim Lenz bring your projects to life with his expertise in voiceover talent and podcast production. Welcome to a world where magic, science, and inspiration converge – welcome to Magic and Science Guy.


Record No. of shows performed in a single day

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No. of audience members levitated in air


No. of people that asked, "How'd you do that?"


“That’s all we were talking about the day after the show.  Our employees and their guests were delighted by the performances of Jim Lenz's strolling magic and his big show. We highly recommend the Magic and Science Guy!.”

Barb Blahnik, Greenstone Farm Credit Services


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A Quick Look at the Jim Lenz The Magic and Science Guy in 30-Seconds

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