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Jim Lenz the Magic and Science Guy is an international science performer ready to wow your audience in a progressive set of science demonstrations that will capture the minds of all who attend.

Science Shows by Jim Lenz The Magic and Science Guy 

Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction and Former Science Classroom Teacher, Jim Lenz The Magic and Science Guy, Delivers Original, Interactive, & Highly Engaging Science Shows In Green Bay, Appleton, and Northeast, WI

One of the most exciting things about Jim Lenz's science shows is the sense of wonder and discovery they inspire. Whether you're a lifelong science enthusiast or just curious about the world around you, his science shows will help you see the world in a whole new light.

You'll get to see scientific principles come to life in thrilling and unexpected ways, and you'll gain a newfound appreciation for the amazing complexity and beauty of the universe we live in. 

Captured Video of Audience Reactions and Testimonials
The Singapore Science Centre selected Jim Lenz as one of two international science performers to perform for a week at the Singapore Science Festival in Singapore, Asia - a 24 hour set of flights from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Singapore was home to the top science scores in the world.

About Jim Lenz

Jim Lenz - The Magic and Science Show is ready to deliver science in a clever and unique way for your special event.

More About Jim Lenz - "The Science Guy"

Jim Lenz, is a former practicing science classroom educator of 18 years. He spent the first 4 years teaching in south central Wisconsin and then devoted14 years teaching students science in northeastern Wisconsin.

Jim Lenz is recognized as Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction Award winner. He was also known for directing one of the first science theaters in the world, comprised completely of high school students. 

Brown County Library System

“Entertaining for all ages. What a great connection with the audience!“ 

Patricia Fittante,

Escanaba, MI Public Library

"You are the best thing to come to libraries since Harry Potter!"

Singapore Science Festival

"Excellent Performances!"
Types of Science Shows
Comedy Science Show

Jim Lenz's Comedy Science Show will definitely captivate your audience! He infuses comedy, drama, audience participation, and his love of sharing science with others into one unique, zany, and unforgettable performance! There isn't another science show like it! But, best of all...he has the ability to fill a stage set for thousands of people or easily adapt the show to much smaller venues!


He is a talented science communicator that breaks down larger complex science concepts and relationships into smaller easier to understand nuggets. He achieves this by involving his audience in a progressive set of science demonstrations that will baffle the mind, question the norm, and leave one wanting more! The show includes a bunch of cool science with a few twists of phenomenal magic! 


This show typically lasts 45 min to 60 minutes.

Jim Lenz - The Magic and Science Guy
Unleash Your Inner Superhero Show

General Description: Yes, there are everyday heroes that we think of...such as law enforcement officers, military peronnel, first responders, doctors and nurses, and of course our parents...but participants of the show will learn what it means to be his/her own hero!


International science communicator and entertainer Jim Lenz, The Magic and Science Guy, will wow you with his combination of story presentation, exciting science demonstrations, and amazing feats of magic! 


Jim Lenz was awarded the Washington County Heroism Award for his acts of bravery as he rescued a man who fell through icy waters 30 feet deep! Much of what made the story a happy ending was due to his understanding of science concepts and relationships! He will share his story and make connections with the audience by taking you on a journey of fun and engaging science exercises, listening games, and magical surprises! Several members of the audience will be selected to join in the action and feel like real super heroes, as they perform amazing stunts and tricks! The show will be a great opportunity for kids to understand the importance of reading in their lives and what it means to be a good listener. But most importantly, it will inspire kids to unleash their inner SUPERHERO!


Further Show Insight

The science components will be physical science demonstrations related to solids, liquids, gases, forces, surface area, and pressure. Knowledge of these science concepts were key to Jim saving the life of an accident victim. Audience volunteers will be a part of some cleverly designed and fun science demonstrations. Jim will actually lie on a bed of nails near the end of the show as a culmination of the previously performed science demonstrations. The show contains some light-hearted listening exercises that involve the entire audience. Jim will make a connection between the listening activities during the show, the importance of listening during the real-life rescue operation in which he was involved, and the importance of listening to be a Superhero. The show also contains some amazing stunts and tricks to help reinforce the 5 key characteristics that comprise real Superheroes in our lives, and to reinforce the show Unleash Their Inner Superhero!

Jim Lenz - Green Bay’s Funny Magician and Science Guy - is ready to deliver jaw-dropping feats of science and a room full of laughter. His science shows is highly interactive and engaging as the audience is involved on stage and from their seats. 
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Jim Lenz, The Magic and Science Guy is a professional science communicator. He connects with his audience through storytelling and crafting the ideal set of science demonstrations to capture the minds of of the audience.
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What Kinds of Events Does Jim Lenz
Perform Science Shows for?

School Assemblies. Fairs. Festivals. Family Reunions. Block/Neighborhood Parties. Class Reunions. Corporate Events. Weddings. Science Festivals.

Private Parties. Holiday Parties. Company Picnics. Fundraising and Charity Events. Athletic/Sporting Events and Celebrations. Birthday Parties. Trade Shows/Exhibitions. Conventions and Conferences. Homecomings. Resorts. PTO and After School Programs. Custom Events.

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