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Science Workshops

Jim Lenz, The Magic and Science Guy has been recognized as a Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction. He is a former practicing science teacher with 18 years of experience in the classroom. He's created a series of well-tested original interactive science workshops. Discover why clients keep coming back!

rocket 3.jpg
rocket 3.jpg

Air-Powered Rocket Workshop

Jim Lenz's Air-Powered Rocket Workshop has consistently been one of the most popular science workshops in the country! Get ready to learn about flight in the most fun and engaging way! Participants will make their own rocket, rockets will be launched, and then the participants will be able to take their rocket home as a memorable souvenir.


The workshop discussion and construction stages can be done indoors (or outdoors), the launching of the rockets is done outdoors. Jim will use one of several available air-powered rocket systems that he constructed himself. The distance range that the rockets can fly is also adaptable to the event location. The angle of launch can easily be adjusted. Very safe and a lot of fun! Watch your rocket launch at 100 mph.


Jim brings all of the supplies needed to make your event a success! If we are not able to launch the rockets due to poor weather conditions, an alternative engaging program will serve as a replacement for the booked rocket workshop.

sound show.jpeg

Science of Sound Workshop

We are surrounded by sound in our everyday lives, but yet, how often do we really think about it?

The show will engage participants in a progressive set of science demonstrations focused on developing one's understanding of sound mechanics.

The tools, techniques, and activities utilized in Jim Lenz's Magic and Science Guy's Science of Sound Workshop are very unique to most audiences. This makes for a very special and memorable learning experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Investigate and apply what causes sound

  • State the required ingredient for sound to take place

  • Identify and apply how to manipulate sound intensity

  • Identify and apply how to manipulate sound frequency

  • Make connections with sound in our everyday lives

sound show.jpeg

Gold Panning Workshop

A Practical Examination on the Physical Properties of Matter and How Mixtures can be Separated by a Physical Means

Jim Lenz, The Magic and Science Guy has designed a comprehensive gold panning workshop experience that will captivate your audience! This workshop can involve a series of customization options based on client needs.

This hands-on workshop experience is perfect for all ages! It serves as a great bonding experience between participants, all while learning and having fun! 


Learn the technique, understand the physical science context, and pan for real gold!

The maximum number of attendees is 25 students.

Key takeaways include:

  • an understanding of physical properties of matter

  • understand the meaning of a mixture

  • develop several techniques to separate a mixture

  • identify key areas to find gold

  • learn how to pan for gold


Your instructor Jim Lenz supplies the gold pans, sifting classifier, material to pan-collected from Colorado, bottle snuffers, magnetic separator pick-up tools, tweezers, magnifiers, sand scoop, glass vials, and bins to hold the water. The client supplies the water onsite. 

Video of Jim Lenz's Highly Popular Air-Powered Rocket Workshop

Captured demonstrations and client testimonials
Jim Lenz - Creating rocket scientists one rocket workshop at a time.

Jim Lenz's Science Workshops Are Ideal For:

Fairs. Festivals. Family Reunions. Block/Neighborhood Parties. Class Reunions.

Corporate Events. Weddings. Educational/School Events.

Private Parties.. Holiday Parties. Company Picnics. Fundraising and Charity Events. 

Athletic/Sporting Events and Celebrations. Graduations. Anniverary Parties.

 Birthday Parties. Resorts. Scouts. After School Programs. Custom Events.

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